Dream Big Centres

Bani Dham Mandir Sector 58

Part of Ghata Gaon, this center is named so as it is close to Bani Dham Mandir in Ghata gaon. With about 1000 households the community is home to household helps, guards, auto drivers, plumbers and so on. Closest Government school is just 1 kilometer away. There are two affordable private schools as well. But approximately 90% of the children do not go to schools

  • Number of children enrolled in school- 217
  • Regular attendance- 90- 100
  • Teachers
    Ms. Pooja Rani
    Ms. Preeti Tiwari

Ghata Gaon

Ghata gaon center is located on the Golf Course Extension Road side of Ghata gaon. Since this is a permanent slum as against other slums which come under HUDA demolition drives every year, this place is highly populated with very high number of children. Generally, children of permanent residents do go to school. However, a large number of migrant residents’ children are not admitted in any school. As part of the locality turned into garbage dumping ground, one can witness more children working as rag pickers.
  • Number of children enrolled in the school- 300
  • Regular attendance- 150 children
  • Teachers
    Ms. Brij Bala Rani
    Ms. Reena Kumari
    Ms. Aasma
    Ms. Dulari Khatoon

Berhampur, sector 61, Gurgaon

Located in the backyard of posh offices in Sector 61, this school has households migrated from across India. Children are willing to join schools but the nearest government school is full. This also is a temporary settlement and hence the community keeps moving from place to place.
  • Number of children enrolled- 155
  • Regular attendance- 60
  • Teachers
    Mr. Mohit Kumar
    Ms. Sarita

Sector 57, Gurgaon

Located in Sector 57, this center also caters to children from migrants from different parts of the country. Children are enthusiastic to study in our schools and as expected are sharp and quick learners. This particular community is home to at least 500 children in the school going age.
  • Number of children enrolled- 140
  • Regular attendance- 100
  • Teachers
    Ms. Santosh Rajora
    Mr. Brijendar