One Child, One Teacher, One Book, and One Pen can change the World

– Malala Yousafzai

Our Vision

To enable children and women from marginalized communities to realize their full potential.


To provide education to children who do not have access to education by opening informal education centers, capacitate children and facilitate their families to get admission in mainstream schools, or through Open school system and complement the school education with remedial support so that children can perform well

What we do

We teach our children to Dream Big and show them the way through education to make their dreams come true

Dream Big Vidya Kendra

Bright Orange Foundation’s mission is to mainstream the children who do not have access to the formal education system. As a next step, we run remedial classes or tuition support, so that they understand the subject better, cope better with the formal education system and do not drop out.  

To accomplish this, we run informal education centers ‘Dream Big Vidya Kendra’ in different locations in sectors 55, 57, 58, and 61. The idea is to keep the Kendras in the neighborhood so that travel is not a challenge for children and adolescent girls. In the second half of the day, we provide remedial classes for children who are already admitted to schools or those of our children who need support

How You May Help Us?

Our idea is to educate the children who never got an opportunity to go to school. Or who attended the School back in the village but have not been able to retain whatever they learned back in their village schools.


Corporate Suppot

Corporate support activities can help these kids to get a better future.



Participation of all of us is very important. We encourage & invite all volunteers to participate in transforming lifes of these children by educating them.



Your individual support means us a lot in helping these childrens attain quality education.

Work With Us

“Bright Orange is providing formal education in a structured way, though the setup is informal.”

Latest Events

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